Below are the minutes from the Belmont Community Association meeting held on June 5, 2019

Conversation with Community Officers & Code Enforcement

  • break-ins have increased recently; several individuals may be suspects
  • trying to help get individuals off the street versus simply making arrests – some success
  • housing issues in the area – narcotics sales
  • 15th and Harrill – issues with cars parked and blocking street; call 911 when this happens – can’t block emergency vehicles


  • Meet your BCA Board members.
    • President – Curtis Bridges
    • Advisory – Teresa Reid
    • Business – Kevin Giriunas
    • Vice President – Kristen Wilson
    • Social – Dawon Millwood
    • Land Use – Paul Fretz
    • Treasurer – Richard Grimstad
    • Communications – Laura Carr Hudson
    • Fundraising & Grants – Tatiana Moreland
    • Secretary – Nicole Richards
    • Quality Community Engagement – Jennifer Heath, Lauren Nguyen
  • Meeting guidelines:
    • We are all volunteers, assume good intent. We all have jobs, family, friends and other commitments that compete for our time, but we are also passionate about the mission of the Belmont Community Association – continue fostering a safe, friendly diverse community of neighbors working together. We strive to do the best we can with the time we have, but we will make mistakes.
    • Raise your hand when you wish to speak. You will be called upon in the order acknowledged. A variety of input is greatly valued so an attempt will be made to hear from those who have yet to speak before acknowledging those who wish to speak again.
    • Listen to understand and speak with respect. It is expected that all attendees will dialogue (the understanding of self and others) in lieu of debating (the successful argument of one’s position over that of others). It is asked that your questions or comments be succinct and precise so that others may also have an opportunity to participate. It is further asked that attendees engage in non-threatening, non-name-calling, non-finger-pointing dialogue and conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the very best of the Belmont community.
    • Participate to move Belmont forward. Pay homage to the history of our community, but work to move Belmont forward.

Current Business

  • July Community Meeting – Community Vote
    • Should the Community Association hold a community meeting in July? The BCA typically takes off the first week of July, due to vacations, holidays, and summer activities. We also do not meet in August, in favor of National Night Out events on the same evening. Not meeting in July would mean that our next BCA Community Meeting will be held in September. We will continue to hold social and community service activities throughout the summer!
    • The community voted in favor of canceling July meeting
    • The next Community Meeting will be on September 3rd
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Cash on Hand: $5,623.36: includes $1,618.05 reserved for social senior, $1,000 reserved for the Jump Start Grant, and $121.98 for the garden.
    • Revenue: $14,585.00 YTD, $960 from memberships, $125 from donations, $13,500 grants.
    • Expenses: $12,827.67 YTD, includes $327.67 in administrative expenses and $12,500 Little People Park Renovation expenses.
    • 2019 Membership Dues ($20 for residents; $30 for businesses)
    • PayPal (
    • Cash/Check – bring to meeting (payable to Belmont Community Association)
    • Credit Card (will have Square available at the meetings)
  • Social
    • Upcoming Neighborhood Skills Sessions: June 8th – Intro to Dog Training with Robin Lincoln at the courtyard at Metrolina Baptist Sign up on EventBrite or email
    • National Night Out – Neighborhood Festival – Tuesday August 6th 6pm-8pm – Little Peoples Park
  • Quality Community Engagement
    • Building Better Belmont interns at Lew’s BBQ and Queen’s Coffee Shop
    • Please let us know if you have grant ideas to increase community safety
    • Teen Summit and School Supply drive planned for August 2019 – details TBD
  • Land Use 
    • Rezoning: 2019-008, Seigle & 15th St Update, City Council Public Hearing
    • Community vote scheduled immediately following the meeting
    • City Council Vote scheduled for Monday, July 15th
Petition Petitioner Current Zoning Proposed Zoning Community Meeting Public Hearing BCA Meeting Community Vote Council Decision

Seigle Ave and E. 15th St.

CoHab, LLC R-5 MUDD-CD 3/5/19







Vote completed: against



2019-008 Seigle Avenue & 15th Street Rezoning: Community Vote

  • More information available:
  • Rezoning request is from R-5 to MUDD(CD)
  • Presenters:
    • Harrison Tucker, petitioner (CoHab Development, LLC)
    • Russell Fergusson, petitioner’s agent
  • Zoning committee on July 2nd; City Council vote on July 15th
  • Changes were submitted to the City today at 6:00 pm; summary from the submission:
    • 3 stories above grade,
    • 28 rental units (3 are section-8, affordable units),
    • Underground parking: 48 spots, 1 loading zone (about 3 spots wide), parking stackers are planned
    • changes to exterior appearance with increased brick,
    • building height max is 44’
    • Other elements previously presented include a courtyard in the back, rooftop patio, entrance on Seigle Ave, ground floor retail space, landscaping replaced beside and behind the development
  • City planners opposed the rezoning plan and cited the 2003 Belmont Area Revitalization Plan
  • Community discussion started at 7:25 pm
  • Land Use Committee does not have a recommendation for or against the rezoning because the committee was split on the decision
  • The community voted on paper ballots with a majority vote being against the rezoning
    • 2 votes abstained
    • 29 votes support
    • 47 votes against
  • A letter reflecting the community’s vote to not support the rezoning request will be sent to Charlotte City Council ahead of the next scheduled rezoning vote in July.
  • Meeting adjourned after the count of votes at 8:15 pm