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Recess, an adult playground and gastrolounge, opening later this month in Belmont

A new bar and restaurant is targeting a late June opening in the Belmont neighborhood near Plaza Midwood.

Recess, a 3,781-square-foot “adult playground” and gastrolounge, is located at 820 Seigle Avenue next to the Vistas at 707 just off I-277.

Owner Markus Hunter wants to create a hangout with plenty of entertainment that encourages people to interact.

Recess features standard bar games like giant Jenga and cornhole as well as unexpected popular childhood games like four square and tetherball.

My dad painted a four square court on the driveway for us when I was little and we also had a tetherball pole in the backyard so prepare to lose.

The space is bright and airy with vaulted ceilings, lots of windows and playful murals.

It seats 96 inside and another 24 on the dog-friendly front patio.

Cool design element: They’re planning on swings instead of barstools.

On the menu, expect shareable, tapas-style small plates like lobster flatbread and fried shrimp tacos.

They’ll also have local beers, cocktails and some specialty drinks like giant fishbowl margaritas.

Lobster flatbread via Instagram

Fried shrimp tacos via Instagram

Seared scallops over fruit pico via Instagram

Recess will have a casual brewery vibe but with a full bar and later last call.

They’ll be open Tuesday and Wednesday 4 p.m. – midnight, Thursday and Friday 3 p.m. – 2 a.m., Saturday 11 a.m. – 2 a.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. – midnight.

Connect with Recess


Belmont Ranks as a Top Neighborhood for Biking

Bell and basket ready: Charlotte’s top 10 most bikeable neighborhoods [Partner]

Car…car…building….tree….bus….car….driver talking on phone…person putting on makeup while eating a breakfast sandwich…stoplight…stoplight…car. The view can get pretty boring when your only mode of transportation is of the four wheeled, please-add-gas variety. That’s why Heather Claxton of Savvy + Co. Real Estate wants you to get an exciting new perspective by exploring Charlotte and its amazing neighborhoods by bike. OK Heather, we are right behind you!

After that great trip around town, you might be ready to call one of these bike friendly neighborhoods home – and we don’t blame you. Below are the most bikeable neighborhoods according to Neighborhoods with a score of 90-100 are considered a bikers paradise where you can run most errands by bike. A score of 70-89 is considered very bikeable where riding is convenient for most trips. A ranking of 50-69 means infrastructure is in place to support bikers and 0-49 reflects a place where there is minimal infrastructure. OK, let’s get to the scores!

Charlotte’s Top Neighborhoods By Bike Score
1. Dilworth – 75
2. South End – 75
3. The Wards (Second Ward – 72 and Third Ward – 70)
4. Cherry – 71
5. Seversville – 70
6. Belmont – 69
7. Plaza Midwood – 67
8. Wesley Heights – 66
9.Commonwealth – 65
10. Villa Heights – 65

If you are ready to give the roadster a well deserved break and find a neighborhood where two pedals, a bell and basket are king, give Heather a call today. She’ll zoom right over.

10 Charlotte neighborhoods where real estate values are skyrocketing

Real estate has done well in Charlotte lately.

Across the city, home prices have fully rebounded from the Great Recession, and then some. In all but a handful of Charlotte neighborhoods, real estate values have never been higher.

But some neighborhoods are far outstripping the rest. Ten of them have seen their home values increase by more than 20 percent in just the past year.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the top four are all around Plaza Midwood. West Charlotte is also well-represented.

Most of these neighborhoods have a mixture of renovated homes at higher prices and older homes and lots for cheaper. In several of them, buyers have begun tearing down old housing stock and building new, bigger houses. The markets in these areas are also generally not very brisk at this point.

Expect these neighborhoods to continue increasing in value.

Data comes from the Zillow home price index.

1) Oak Forest

Year-over-year growth: 29%
Median value: $108,300
Sample listing4418 Tantilla Circle. 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 1,430 square feet. ($121,604 foreclosure estimate)

2) Shannon Park

Year-over-year growth: 28%
Median value: $113,300
Sample listing5528 Larchmont Avenue. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, 950 square feet ($89,000 list price)

3) Belmont

Year-over-year growth: 28%
Median value: $128,000
Sample listing1108 Louise Avenue. 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 1,980 square feet. ($360,000 list price)

4) Plaza-Shamrock

Year-over-year growth: 28%
Median value: $154,000
Sample listing1119 Jensen Street. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 858 square feet. ($249,000 list price)

5) Montclaire South

Year-over-year growth: 24%
Median value: $109,200
Sample listing824 Silver Court. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,307 square feet. ($244,900 list price)

6) Yorkmount

Year-over-year growth: 22%
Median value: $117,500
Sample listing: 5012 Grapevine Drive. 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 1,020 square feet ($71,252 foreclosure estimate)

7) Thomasboro-Hoskins

Year-over-year growth: 22%
Median value: $78,600
Sample listing135 Goff Street. 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 980 square feet. ($114,900 list price)

8) Oaklawn

Year-over-year growth: 21%
Median value: $83,800

9) Lincoln Heights

Year-over-year growth: 21%
Median value: $84,100

10) Ashley Park

Year-over-year growth: 20%
Median value: $91,400
Sample listing3307 Major Samuals Way #3307. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1,880 square feet ($289,900 list price)

Home photos via Zillow

Originally posted on the Charlotte Agenda by Andrew Dunn on June 13, 2017

LYNX Blue Line Extension tests begin, with project on track for March 2018 opening

Tests began Thursday and will continue through Friday for the LYNX Blue Line Extension along North Tryon Street near Charlotte’s University area.

“It’s just a beginning step, but we are very excited because it gives a good visual for people in Charlotte to show how the project is progressing,” says Jill Brim, project director for the LYNX Blue Line Extension.

The low-speed tests allow contractors, alongside construction workers and Charlotte Area Transit System personnel, to assess the condition and safety features of the light-rail extension.

“What we are doing is making sure that, one, we have good connection with the overhead electricity system and, two, we have good clearance along the sides of the alignment,” says Brim.

According to CATS, construction of the LYNX Blue Line Extension remains on schedule to be completed by March 2018.

The original story first appeared on Charlotte Business Journal by Melissa Key.

Brewery eyes expansion, will tap Charlotte’s event scene

This brewery is already expanding its footprint in the Queen City.

Catawba Brewing Co. has signed a deal for an additional 4,300 square feet in Charlotte’s Belmont neighborhood — less than a month after opening its doors.

Inside the private event space at Catawba Brewing Co.’s Asheville location in downtown Asheville.

The new space sits adjacent to the brewery’s $1.6 million, 10,000-square foot brewery and taproom at 933 Louise Ave. That location was formerly home to a Kellogg’s bakery facility.

“We knew we didn’t have an ideal private space, and we knew this space could be good,” says Billy Pyatt, co-founder of the Morganton brewery.

There’s a need for unique private event space in the neighborhood and Charlotte, says Catawba Creative Director Mary Mayo.

“There is a shortage of private event space in the brewery setting. We really want to occupy a niche,” she says.

The goal is to create a setting that is elegant, over-the-top and memorable.

Mayo envisions creating a roughly 3,500-square-foot ballroom that offers a mix of rustic and industrial chic. Walls will be lined with 300-plus barrels — used as part of Catawba’s barrel-aging program. Think brown velvet curtains, chandeliers, existing barrel roof and a detailed wood bar with a header and carvings.

Space will be set aside for catering and a dressing room.

Mayo sees the space serving as a music venue early in the week with well-known, but smaller-scale bands. Corporate events such as quarterly sales meetings can run throughout the week. And weekends largely will belong to bridal parties and those types of gatherings looking for a unique space.

“In a lot of ways, breweries have become the new community centers,” Mayo says.

That space should be ready to host its first events by late October. Mayo is offering a 50% discount for those that book before the venue opens.

Otherwise, prices vary based on the day of the week and time of event.

Foard Construction is the general contractor on the project.


Originally posted in Charlotte Business Journal by Jennifer Thomas on June 2, 2017.

More townhouses are planned near uptown

A developer is planning to build 23 new townhouses on vacant land just east of uptown, according to a rezoning plan filed recently with the city of Charlotte.

CapRock LLC is seeking to rezone the 1.16-acre site – adjacent to rail tracks and between Seigle Avenue and Harrill Street – from industrial to residential use.

A preliminary site plan shows the townhouses built in five buildings, including two quadplexes, arranged around a private street. The buildings could be up to three stories tall. An illustrative rendering shows houses with modern architecture with rooftop decks.

A CapRock official couldn’t immediately be reached for more information. The company has developed townhouses previously in Charlotte, including at Peridoe, a development that backs up to the greenway near uptown.

Charlotte City Council will consider the proposal and vote on it in the coming weeks.

The site at Harrill Street is currently vacant.

Originally posted by the Charlotte Observer by Ely Portillo on May 18, 2017



More Information on the Rezoning is available:

Click Here

Rezoning Petition: Van Every and Seigle Avenue

The developer is proposing a townhome development in the Belmont Community on Van Every, Harrill, and Seigle Avenue.


Dates to Remember:

Belmont Community Meeting Presentation: June 6, 2017 at 6:30pm at the Salvation Army, 901 Belmont Ave, Charlotte NC


Additional Information:

Developer: CapRock LLC

Land Use and Zoning Consultant: Moore & Van Allen PLLC

Acreage: ± 1.16 acres

Existing Zoning: I-2

Proposed Zoning: UR-2(CD)

Existing Use: vacant

Proposed Uses: Up to 23 attached dwelling units together with accessory uses, as allowed in the UR-2 zoning district.

Maximum Building Height: A maximum building height of three (3) stories and up to 40 feet.

Parking: Parking as required by the Ordinance will be provided.

Proposed site plan and elevations submitted to the city with the rezoning application: click here


Recent News:

05/18/2017 “More townhouses are planned near uptown” – Charlotte Observer: Click here


Charlotte neighbors address affordable housing in city manager’s budget

Charlotte leaders on Tuesday discussed key points of a $2.4 billion city budget proposal with neighbors at the Belmont Regional Center in north Charlotte.

Affordable housing and gentrification were front and center for residents during the discussion.

Like many neighborhoods near uptown Charlotte, the Belmont neighborhood is changing and gentrifying, with many older residents being pushed out because they can no longer afford to live there.

Charlotte has almost 1,900 affordable housing units and the goal is to reach 5,000 within the next three years. The city manager’s budget provides $6 million to help reach that goal.

City Councilwoman Lawana Mayfield said it will be important to make sure the city’s growth doesn’t leave some residents behind.

“People come to the city for opportunities, and we are growing very quickly, so there will never be enough. Are we on the right track? Yes. We are instituting some initiatives in this budget that you haven’t seen in 20 years,” Mayfield said.

Some people at the meeting told Channel 9 that they’d like to see more than 5,000 affordable housing units in Charlotte.

The $6 million slated for affordable housing will be voted on by the City Council at the end of June.

Originally posted on WSOCTV May 2, 2017 by Mark Becker

First look: 12 gorgeous photos of the new Catawba Brewing Charlotte taproom

First look: 12 gorgeous photos of the new Catawba Brewing Charlotte taproom

Catawba Brewing is opening its Charlotte brewery very soon, and if you’re not already excited about it, these photos should get you there.

The brewery hasn’t set an official opening date, but it could be as soon as this weekend, according to General Manager Tanya Birch. Stay tuned to CharlotteFive’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates on the official opening.

In the meantime, check out these photos of the taproom from photographer Justin Driscoll.

Here’s what we know about the Catawba Charlotte brewery:

– The brewery will occupy 10,000 square feet at 933 Louise Ave., the same building that holds Advent Coworking and Codescape.

– This will be Catawba’s fourth location, after the main facility in Morganton and two in Asheville.

– In addition to its core beers, like White Zombie, Catawba will brew small batch beers in the Charlotte brewery.

– There are more than 50 taps in the taproom, split between the main bar and a second bar that will have some great skyline views.

– “We’ll bring a little of what you know from us in the mountains, which tends to focus on the outdoors, to Charlotte,” said Billy Pyatt, who, along with his wife Jetta Pyatt and brother Scott Pyatt, opened Catawba Brewing in 1999. “Only here, we’ll tie in our new outdoors with views of the city from our taproom and patio.”

– Read more about the brewery in our preview story from December.

Now let’s look at some more photos of this gorgeous taproom.

When we learn the official opening date we’ll share it on our social media.

Photos: Justin Driscoll

Advent Coworking’s expansion is nearing completion

Advent Coworking is finishing up a project that will greatly expand its space in the Belmont neighborhood.

The company leased more space in the old Kellogg plant at 933 Louise Avenue to put in 23 private offices that will hold between two and five people in each.

The offices are between 30 and 40 percent booked already. They should open in June.

Advent has also signed a fairly high-profile new tenant: Tech Talent South.

The coding school will move its operations to a classroom space in the Advent addition.


@techtalentsouth via Instagram

Expect more growth in the future.

Advent is looking at another 3,500 square feet on the ground floor of its building, plus another potential 8,000 square feet upstairs.


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