Brenda has lived in Belmont for almost 40 years and loves people. If you haven’t met this fun, energetic and passionate lady, you are missing out. When asked about changes she’s seen over the years, Brenda said at one time there were sandwich shops, laundromats, and barbershops in Belmont. She remembers a pool hall and café being located on Pegram Street. Years ago Brenda ran a temp agency in Belmont and helped people get jobs at some of the country clubs around the city.

Brenda is a woman who strives for excellence in everything she does. She has a generous heart and always seems to be helping other people out. Some of you may have ordered one of her delicious cakes during the fundraiser she organized to help with Al Gorman’s funeral expenses. For those who recently moved in, Al was a 73 year old Belmont resident who was tragically killed this past September near the intersection of Parkwood and Hawthorne while riding his bicycle to the laundromat.

We asked Brenda to tell us her favorite thing about Belmont and she said, “It’s a neighborhood that’s growing and exciting things are happening. It’s becoming a better community and we have some planned events coming up for children. I like the monthly meetings, neighbors getting to know one another and the walking group.”