I have been in Belmont for 20 years. Parents moved here – forced out of Brooklyn. I have been here so long, it’s like a safe haven. Never had anyone do anything wrong to me. People look out for one another. Convenient with bus and taxi access, close to Uptown. There is a lot of pain that causes people to do the things they do.

Action: Implement more programs in the neighborhood to help the residents, like substance abuse issues. Use people in the neighborhood rather than get outside people. Some residents, when they first moved over here were so racists, that now the ones that were younger when they moved don’t trust. Community shower house for the homeless so they can take a shower, change clothes. Everyone who is homeless has a reason. Would like to see a restaurant where you can sit and eat and have a few drinks like NoDA. An event space that is affordable, people from all walks of life and economics celebrate something.