Advent Coworking is planning to undertake a major expansion in the coming months.

If all goes to plan, they’ll more than double their space and offer private offices for the first time. Right now, their award-winning coworking office is all community space. Offering private offices will open them to a whole new category of customers: companies that deal with private information, people who make regular sales calls, etc.

“The demand is there,” said co-founder Kevin Giriunas.


The details are still being worked out.

Advent’s leaders hope to sign a lease in the next few weeks. They would move from 4,700 square feet to more than 10,000, and add about 22 new office spaces.

The offices would be full of windows, much like this one in the current space. The new space will also have an additional communal conference room. Advent would also have the option to expand into two more 2,000 square foot spaces in the rest of the building.


Their building is about to become one of the most popular destinations in the city.

Catawba Brewing is opening up a taproom right next door. Codescape is already upstairs. And they’re going to have 100+ free parking spots.

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Private offices are currently being offered to current members.

Then it will open up to the general public. Expect the new space to open at the end of Q1 2017.


Originally Posted on Charlotte Agenda by Andrew Dunn.