Car…car…building….tree….bus….car….driver talking on phone…person putting on makeup while eating a breakfast sandwich…stoplight…stoplight…car. The view can get pretty boring when your only mode of transportation is of the four wheeled, please-add-gas variety. That’s why Heather Claxton of Savvy + Co. Real Estate wants you to get an exciting new perspective by exploring Charlotte and its amazing neighborhoods by bike. OK Heather, we are right behind you!

After that great trip around town, you might be ready to call one of these bike friendly neighborhoods home – and we don’t blame you. Below are the most bikeable neighborhoods according to Neighborhoods with a score of 90-100 are considered a bikers paradise where you can run most errands by bike. A score of 70-89 is considered very bikeable where riding is convenient for most trips. A ranking of 50-69 means infrastructure is in place to support bikers and 0-49 reflects a place where there is minimal infrastructure. OK, let’s get to the scores!

Charlotte’s Top Neighborhoods By Bike Score
1. Dilworth – 75
2. South End – 75
3. The Wards (Second Ward – 72 and Third Ward – 70)
4. Cherry – 71
5. Seversville – 70
6. Belmont – 69
7. Plaza Midwood – 67
8. Wesley Heights – 66
9.Commonwealth – 65
10. Villa Heights – 65

If you are ready to give the roadster a well deserved break and find a neighborhood where two pedals, a bell and basket are king, give Heather a call today. She’ll zoom right over.