Residents of Charlotte’s Belmont neighborhood came together during a monthly community meeting to meet with representatives from CMS and the cell tower builder, Berkley Group on Tuesday January 3, 2016.

CMS and zoning ordinances allow for installation of cell towers on CMS property, with five school campuses currently hosting towers and five more schools approved for towers not yet installed. CMS receives monetary payments for each of the locations. Belmont residents are opposed to the proposed location as it is closer to the school and residential areas versus an alternate and available location that is more central on the campus.

The proposed tower will be 160 feet tall and will be located on the backside of Hawthorne HS (next to Kennon/Pegram) and will include a 10 foot high fence approximately 50 x 70 feet. The location doesn’t meet the concealment requirements for nearby residential properties and we do not believe the notification process was properly executed.

View the Facebook Live video streamed from the January 3, 2016 neighborhood meeting here:

Watch a resident interview on WCCB Charlotte here.