City of Charlotte recognizes local organizations at Neighborhood Leadership Awards

The City of Charlotte recently honored local neighborhood organizations, nonprofits and businesses at its annual Neighborhood Exchange & Leadership Awards event. In advance of the event, the City asked members of the local community to nominate Charlotte neighborhood organizations, nonprofits and businesses for awards to recognize their outstanding contributions to embracing neighborhood diversity, transportation choices, sustainability initiatives and more.

With more than 40 nominations received, the following organizations received awards:

Community Safety Ambassador — Winterfield Neighborhood Association
Embracing Diversity — Belmont Community Association
Good Neighbors — Historic Camp Greene Neighborhood Association
Moving Charlotte Forward — Madison Park 5K and Oaklawn Park Community Improvement Organization
Sustainability Leadership — Lockwood Neighborhood Association
Community Safety — Arrowood Business Association and McClintock Partners in Education
Neighborhood-School Partnership — Winterfield Neighborhood Association

The Belmont Community Association received the Embracing Diversity award for hosting Belmont Saturdays, a weekly event that promotes community and volunteerism toward creating a better quality of life. The event — held in cooperation with the City of Charlotte, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and local businesses — features family-friendly activities for all ages, including workshops, bike rides and gardening. Participants at Belmont Saturdays include young and older residents as well as new and long-term residents.


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Charlotte, NC press release by Ashley Ford on 10/3/2016.

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