Below are the minutes from the Belmont Community Association meeting held on June 5, 2018

Conversation with Community Officers

  • Concerns with trespassing issues. If residents want to press trespassing charges, they must first ban the individual from their property.
  • Concerns about car break-ins and vandalism – mostly happening in surrounding neighborhoods. Stressed locking cars and not keeping items of value in cars.

Guest Presenter – Rita Colon from Seigle Point Above and Beyond Students

  • Seigle Point Above and Beyond Students is in need of volunteers for one-on-one, reading, one-time enrichment programs, summer camp (folks to read to students).
  • If you can’t volunteer, you can sponsor tuition or provide snacks.
  • Hours are 10:00 am – 6:30 pm at Seigle Point.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Fund balance: $4,584.42, with $2,028 preserved for social senior and $122 for the garden. Cash available = $2,434.14. Better Block expense reimbursement received.
    Expenses May through June 4:
    Garden supplies (part of garden grant) – $69.82
    Social Senior lunch (part of grant) – $1,101.80
    Community tool bank rental for Open Streets – $39.30
    Little Free Library agenda posting supplies – $22.06
    Membership = 27 individual & 6 business | Dues for second half 2018 are $10 per person or $15 per business.

Fundraising: Neighborhood Matching Grant Survey

  • Asking for community input to rank top five ideas through a survey, can be completed online or in paper form to be turned in by July 15th.
  • Passed out Belmont t-shirts and will bring more to the next meeting

Quality of Life Committee: Jump Start Safety event

  • Targeting teens 13-18 years old on June 30th at St Paul from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm will be providing entertainment, speakers, summer employment opportunities. Will also focus on tutoring and positive police interactions
  • Looking for volunteers to provide food, entertainment, and resources. Contact
  • Danielle Brown from D Phillip Randolph Institute also spoke about initiatives going on to provide 10,000 bottles of water to postal workers and the organization also assists with voter registration.

Social Committee: Upcoming events & National Night Out planning

  • National Night Out will be taking place first Tuesday in August – looking for volunteers to assist
  • Neighborhood Drinks in July at one of the local breweries – stay tuned. Also looking to partner with them to donate to the Association

Centra Square update

  • Delay still in effect but looking for Aug move in for seniors and Sept move in for low income housing
  • All units are full but they are accepting names for the wait list (wait list is currently one year)
  • Contact Curtis Bridges with any concerns

Parkwood Ave Road Diet

  • Three components: 1) Parkwood Street Scape 2) Parkwood Road Diet 3) Plaza section. Goal is to improve pedestrian, bicycle and driver safety. Most roads will be going from 4 lanes to 2 with sidewalk improvements and additional lights

Senior Pen Pal Program

  • Through Charlotte Lab School and will run all year. At the end of the year, students will meet their Pen Pal. Contact Lorna if interested in participating

Land Use updates

  • Housing survey: Survey to gauge the community’s thoughts on housing in our neighborhood. Will be utilized for future rezonings/projects. The survey will be in paper and online. Land Use will present findings at the September Community Meeting
  • Rezoning: 2018-011, 801 E 17th St. Petitioner – Vote Requested.
    • A vote passed to support the rezoning of 2018-011, 801 E 17th St. 22-23 members in favor. 8 opposed.