Below are the minutes from the Belmont Community Association meeting held on March 6, 2018


Conversation with Community Officers – Vicki Jones

  • We have a new Community Officer, Rene Nunez, who is replacing Officer Whipple
  • Look forward to the Community Resource Event with CMPD once the weather is warmer


Current Business

6:00 – 6:30   Conversation with Community Officers

Officer Ted Castano and Nunez attended and discussed the following:

  • Contact information:  and
  • Working on the homeless situation along the greenway and trying to connect the individuals with resources to find housing. Noted that the men’s shelter will be closed for approximately 4 months.
  • Continuing to monitor Belmont and Allen for drug activity.  An eviction and two arrests have been made. Want to connect these individuals with resources or licenses to get employment.
  • Preparing for the light rail opening by talking to local apartments to make sure security is strong; don’t anticipate a foot traffic issue with the opening


6:30 – 7:00   Current Business

Treasurer’s Report    —    Vicki Jones

  • Fund balance: $4631.79, with more than $3,000 preserved for social senior (actual value needs to be reconciled) and $192 for the garden.
  • Expenses in Feb:
  • Fuel Pizza – $200.02 (board and land use workshop dinner, will request grant reimbursement)
  • Harris Teeter – $11.95 (board and land use workshop dinner, will request grant reimbursement if sufficient dollars remain)
  • Staples – $41.06 (office supplies for use in community meetings [poster-size post-it notes, and standard post-it notes)
  • Open Streets sponsorship – $100
  • Dues for 2018 are $20 per person or $30 per business.


Rezoning – 2017-172, 1035 Harrill & 923 Belmont

  • Vote Requested
  • Land Use committee recommends that the community supports the rezoning petition based on the recent neighborhood surveys and feedback, and to protect these buildings as historic properties.
  • This month, city council will be voting on the rezoning petition
  • Rezoning to MUDD-O to keep the building and allow for parking to fit the space.  The 4-plex behind former Farrar’s and the house to the left of the
  • The former gas station will be razed to accommodate parking.
  • Minor site plan changes have been made based on City staff comments.
  • Hoping to close at the end of May; have cleared out 5 dumpsters of trash and leftover materials
  • Environmental investigation: asbestos throughout all 4 buildings that will be remediated; there are tanks underground that need to be remediated; there was no groundwater contamination.
  • The BCA votes to support the rezoning


2018 Planning Update    —    Vicki Jones

  • At February’s meeting:
    • 6 different themes that each committee will work to include in their work as appropriate
    • connect neighbors; focus on inclusion and trust
    • development and changing neighborhood and displacement
    • communication with everyone (digital and disconnected; owners and renters)
    • neighborhood involvement in events and volunteering
    • local businesses and resources
    • safety
    • Misc.


Centra Square updateCurtis Bridges

  • A map of the Centra Square project was provided
  • The developer and construction team had not been very responsive t to neighborhood concerns
  • Neighbors reached out to media and City staff
  • BCA board members met with the Laurel Street Development to request resolution of issues raised by neighbors.  
  • Erosion control – Block A (Harrill and 16th) should be corrected by Friday 3/9.
  • Sidewalks – allowed to be closed for the entire site once construction started; however, the contractor agreed to clear and leave sidewalks open when possible
  • Safety (metal) fencing – has been falling down; working to shorten their response time
  • 2 speed bumps will be installed when site paving  starts, likely in April
  • Tree removal – they have complied with tree ordinance in place at the time of rezoning and permitting; they will be replacing some trees at the end of the project
  • Laurel Street Development has acknowledged that the construction vendor was less than satisfactory with responses
  • Scheduling:
    • Block C – April; apartments (Allen, 17th, and Pegram, 18th)
    • Black A – May; senior housing (Harrill, 16th, Allen, 17th)
    • Block B – September; townhouses (Harrill, 17th, Allen)
    • Block D – June; townhouses (Allen, 16th Pegram, 17th)


Open Streets 704    —    Diane Adams

  • On April 29 from 1-5pm, 4 miles of road will be closed on a route through NoDa, Villa Heights, Optimist Park, Belmont and Plaza Midwood. The Belmont route is designated as the Family Zone and includes Belmont Ave, Pegram St, Kennon St. 
  • Goal of the event is to host walkable street events and host community activities
  • Diane will be the activity liaising between Open Streets 704 and BCA
  • Blocks are available for sponsorship: Individual: $50 or Organization: $100
  • An information session is being held onFriday Mar 23 @ 4pm
  • Calling for Ideas for a sponsored neighborhood improvement which would remain in the neighborhood, such as message board; bus stop; etc.
  • Send ideas to


Financial Literacy and Housing Workshop    —    Teresa Reid

  • The event will be at the Belmont CDC from 10a-1pm on April 28th, and other partners include National Black MBA and PNC Bank.
  • This is an effort to ensure long time residents are not taken advantage if they choose to sell their home. Additionally, budget assistance and other information will be provided.


Neighborhood Clean ups    —    Vicki Jones

  • March 10 & April 28 @ 9 AM, meet at the Salvation Army on Belmont Ave.


Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm (after public Rezoning Petition Meeting for 801 E. 17th Street)


Upcoming Events

  • March 10: Neighborhood Cleanup (9 am), meet at 901 Belmont Ave, Salvation Army parking lot
  • April 28: Neighborhood Cleanup (9 am). This will be in preparation for Open Streets 704.
  • April 28: Financial Literacy and Housing Summit (10:00 am – 1:00 pm) at the Belmont Center.
  • April 29: Open Streets 704 (1:00 – 5:00 pm)


Land Use Updates:

Petition Petitioner Current Zoning Proposed Zoning BCA Meeting Community Meeting Public Hearing Community


Council Vote

1035 Harrill & 923 Belmont

City of Charlotte B-1 MUDD-O 3/6/18 1/8/18 

6 PM, 901 Belmont Ave

2/19/18 3/6/18 3/19/18

801 E 17th St

Harrison Tucker R-5 UR-2 1/2/17 3/6/18 TBD TBD TBD


Rezoning Information: