We asked the City for a safe way to access Uptown via bike and they have agreed to do it!  We asked them to make Parkwood Avenue and The Plaza safer for all users, and they have agreed to this too!

Parkwood and The Plaza Corridor Update

CDOT’s Dan Gallagher presented CDOT’s recommendations for Parkwood Avenue and The Plaza to City Council. A little background on this topic. CDOT is currently studying three major corridors in addition to Parkwood and the Plaza. These include South Boulevard, South Tryon, and West Boulevard (which has the most aggressive timeline for safety improvements).They will begin studying Eastway Drive soon as well.  These corridors were selected for study because they have four undivided travel lanes, high bus ridership, close proximity to the light rail, high speed and/or volume, high collision rates, active community concerns, and excluded from upcoming capital projects.

CDOT has completed a report for the Parkwood and The Plaza detailing their recommendations. Read the full report here.


Timelines for remaining corridor studies.

On Parkwood Avenue, CDOT is proposing a 1.6-mile road diet from Belmont Avenue to Hawthorne Lane with protected bike lanes, leading pedestrian intervals (when the pedestrian light changes ahead of the traffic light, giving the pedestrian more time to cross before cars start moving) and three new traffic signals.  Staff did not recommend a road diet on the 0.4 mile stretch of the Plaza between Parkwood and Matheson, but they will put in leading pedestrian intervals at intersections and add another hybrid pedestrian beacon on the route.

CDOT’s recommendations for street improvements on Parkwood and The Plaza

Gallagher stressed the fact to Council that the budget includes funding to design and implement the highest priority interventions on each corridor, including the full road diet on Parkwood Avenue.  Sustain Charlotte has been working very closely with the residents who live near this dangerous road since 2015 when a cyclist was struck and killed. More than 1,000 people have signed the petition calling for safer streets.  So we are thrilled to finally see these changes being recommended to the full City Council, and included in next year’s budget!

 Transportation and Planning Committee Chair Vi Lyles (At-Large) expressed her support for moving pedestrian safety feature into construction as soon as possible to help the City implement Vision Zero.  “Staff has figured out how to implement safety improvements, we have the money in the budget to do it, and we have an opportunity to show the community that we are not just reacting.  We need to make it safe on West Boulevard and Parkwood and Eastway,” she said.